Hay House Writer’s Workshop

The Hay House Writer’s Workshop was all I expected and more. I had taken a huge leap of faith, followed my heart and spent every last cent of my savings, so my dreams were big! From the very first day on the cruise, I began to do what my therapist had suggested and that was simply to share my story. It was easy when people asked, “What are you writing your book about?”. And in telling my story, the most amazing things began to happen, one after another. Small miracles. Orchastrated perfectly down to the very last detail. I touched people’s lives and they touched mine. Louise Hay signed my well-worn book. I got to spend time with Lisa Fugard, an incredibly talented writer and editor. I had an unexpected session with John Holland. I met the most incredible people, made connections and found soul friends for life. There are many other amazing things I learned from my short time on the seas around Alaska. I was reminded of how far I’ve come. I conquered fears. I learnt to listen to and follow my intuition. I discovered trust.

And then there were the quiet times of reflection that I love, and the majesty of it all, whales, glaciers and the deepest turquoise ice. Breathing, and quietly taking in the beauty and magnificence. Thrilled to be a part of the whole. There was food for nourishment and good red wine, thank you Tara. There were smiles of recognition in people I have never seen before. And there were stories, lots of stories. This is where I was reminded that everyone has a story. And I need to share mine. And all the stories are like a big patchwork that tie us together. Each one of us has experienced love, and each of us has known pain.

And as I have begun to see in my life, nothing is ever only as it seems. I wonder still, what the greater repercussions of this journey at sea will be. If I threw a stone into the expansive ocean and watched the ripples slowly going out, I would have to guess that I am only on the first ripple now. And that there are still so many more to come. The significance of which will unfurl in time.

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One Response to “Hay House Writer’s Workshop”

  1. Mary Jane Brant Says:

    Dear Leila,

    I have enjoyed this story for its honesty but I express my sympathies for the loss of your mate and father of your girls. It’s difficult having a dad leave on his own, I know because it happened to me. I was 13. Your husband didn’t sound well. He is safe now and he’ll do a good job from heaven, not to worry.

    I found this link from something you had written on Amazon, one of the spiritual discussions.

    Writing a proposal is tedious. Try and submit to many publishers and agents at the same time and be strong because the rejections pile up. But you are on spiritual time now. Keep the faith and keep doing all the things in your life which keeps your heart up!

    Keep believing, keep going, and keep making Every Day Matter. Come and visit one of my blogs and use your link. The right people will find you.

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