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New Year Full Moon

December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! I would like to thank all of my wonderful friends for your endless support and love, without which I could not have come this far. I feel delighted and grateful beyond words! As a special treat, on this last night of 2009, there is a full moon all night long. And tonight it’s a blue moon, the second full moon in a calendar month. May the new year bring new opportunities for all of us.

As for new year affirmations – “My memoir, IT RAINS IN FEBRUARY, will be published in 2010”!

As I look back on my three year writing journey, I am awed by the intuitive guidance I received along the way, gently nudging me to the place I find myself today. Writing my story has been an extremely difficult emotional venture of reliving each moment, many times. I walked through all my fears and questions, my grief and hurt, into a voyage towards discovering myself. Each step has brought a different level of healing. There is still a long road ahead which I will continue to travel with an open heart.

With deep gratitude and love always, Leila


Writer Platform

December 9, 2009

Hay House has announced the winner of the of the Writer’s Workshop publishing contract! Congratulations to Heather Wilson, her book is titled ‘Business at the Next Dimension: Using New Science and Ancient Wisdom for Success at Work’. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Hay House for holding the Writer’s Workshop and for providing me with this awesome opportunity. I have made many wonderful friends and contacts and I also have a completed book proposal which is now ready to submit to a literary agent.

Hay House received over 150 book proposals after the Writer’s Workshop. Their feedback was that they received many well done proposals but the biggest area of weakness for all the proposals was a platform to sell the book. The buzzword in publishing today is “platform.” A writer platform is a matter of self promotion and the amount of people you can reach. It is about getting your name out there and creating an existing demand for your book before it is published. A publisher can create a book, but the marketing is mostly up to the author. Publishers look at a writer’s platform when deciding if they will take on a book project. A platform can make all the difference in moving from being unpublished to becoming published. A writer platform can be built by owning a website, publishing articles, appearing on radio and television, blogging, doing interviews, talks and presentations, writing newsletters, developing a brand or products, taking part in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and accumulating a large mailing list. All of these sound like a mammoth task but it is necessary to start marketing yourself before considering submitting a proposal to an agent or publisher.

So where to from now? Now begins the editing process of my memoir, IT RAINS IN FEBRUARY, which will take several months. During this time, I will continue to work on my writer platform by networking, writing and publishing articles and taking part in social media. Thanks to everyone for all your encouraging messages, your feedback means a great deal to me. Please visit my blog and Facebook pages where I will continue to share the journey with you. Happy Holidays Everyone!