New Year Full Moon

Happy New Year! I would like to thank all of my wonderful friends for your endless support and love, without which I could not have come this far. I feel delighted and grateful beyond words! As a special treat, on this last night of 2009, there is a full moon all night long. And tonight it’s a blue moon, the second full moon in a calendar month. May the new year bring new opportunities for all of us.

As for new year affirmations – “My memoir, IT RAINS IN FEBRUARY, will be published in 2010”!

As I look back on my three year writing journey, I am awed by the intuitive guidance I received along the way, gently nudging me to the place I find myself today. Writing my story has been an extremely difficult emotional venture of reliving each moment, many times. I walked through all my fears and questions, my grief and hurt, into a voyage towards discovering myself. Each step has brought a different level of healing. There is still a long road ahead which I will continue to travel with an open heart.

With deep gratitude and love always, Leila


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One Response to “New Year Full Moon”

  1. Dawn Newton Says:

    Well stated, as par usual, Leila

    The gift in our life altering moments in Stuart’s death, or the breaking of my back and our subsequent heartache and pain is the strongest catalyst for moving us forward. Eventually the pain and agony moves us towards profound questions regarding our very existence; and we plead with Goddess/God, ” to show us the point.”

    When we hurt so deeply, that our breath is pulled from our chests, nearly choking us, a moment of panic sets in— until another breath arrives—suddenly a rush of Love enfolds us, as a force within— asks us to breathe another breath until the next breath arrives. Eventually a sense of Grace washes over us, and we bask in this moment’s reprieve; we aren’t filled with joy, yet we are not feeling lost either, nor alone. The blanket of God has just been placed around our shoulders, while ‘thought’ seems to be nowhere. We are simply breathing in, and breathing out. Breathing in and Breathing out.

    Soon with an inner peace that passeth understanding, we simply stare at the sea, breathe in the fresh salt air, and the cries of the sea gulls seem to be speaking to us personally. We watch the blue waters gather in volume tumbling down in front of themselves; reminding us, we all tumble and the white puffs of foam appear telling us our fears and heartache must come to the surface to be set free upon the sands of time. And as we watch the water completely disappear under the sand, we are reminded we must go within to discover the grains of sands within ourself, those irritants, that when farmed and brought to the surface of our consciousness, will produce the pearl of Inner Peace within our hearts. And we breathe in, and we breathe out filling more empowered from one minute, one hour, one day; until the next wave comes in, and cycle repeats as we grow a little bit wiser! Lovies Dawn

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