Mountain Air

It’s a sweltering night and the light drizzle is not enough to keep me indoors. Sitting on the steps outside my thatched loft room in the Overberg mountains, I look past the rising trunk of a parched tree towards the shadowy mountains. Above, the clear night sky is scattered with stars that you don’t see from the city. The silence is almost eerie.

I came here to visit a dear friend and also to consider the option of moving here one day. You see, I have dreams. Plenty of them. This week I have been thinking about how to make these dreams a reality. To come up with a game plan. What I have instead found during my time here in the country is this – I have been living in the future. In my dreams and vision boards I am already living with my girls on a farm and my book is already published. I have designed my house and I have mapped my path. My dreams are so specific that I have been existing there.

But I am not there, I am here, now. The only sound is the drought-browned leaves rustling in the warm berg wind and the odd distant bark of a farm dog. And as I sit here and breathe in the mountain air I know what I want. I want simplicity, I want to be present and love my girls, and I want to write. I am writing. Not to become a famous author, I’m just writing. I don’t know where it will lead. I still believe in dreams. I want to finish my book, but I am no longer attached to the outcome. I want to have a lifestyle where my children can grow up running free, but I don’t mind where. And while I am doing whatever I do, I will follow my heart and enjoy each step of this journey. I don’t want to miss out on today. Here. Now. Open to all possibilities.


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4 Responses to “Mountain Air”

  1. Julie Duffy Says:

    I love this so much. A great reminder to all of us.

  2. Tara Says:

    Just trying to figure out how to leave a comment. You know I love all your work. My homepage does not make it easy to know how to make a comment and, on yours, I just guessed. Keep writing.

  3. Curt Remington Says:

    Leila, You are an excellent writer. This blog touches on my own feelings about nature and writing. It’s also a great reminder to stay grounded in the present. Thanks for the great job your doing here and staying in touch on Facebook. Curt

  4. colleenincairns Says:

    Hi Leila, I feel so much of an affinity with these words you have shared with us. A mother of two daughters, a sole parent and a writer at a similar stage of the journey, I too have been writing about “hope” and “possibilities” lately. I am hopeful that 2010 will provide the boost we both need to fill out our sails and send us forth to the calm, peaceful waters to which we aspire.

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