Yesterday, while sitting quietly on my bed, thoughts began to come to me and I grabbed my journal and began to write. The stream of thoughts included a pertinent question. If there were no money worries at all, for example, if your book was a great success or you had a million dollars in the bank, HOW would that change your current state or even your future dreams? I sat quietly with this incredible thought for a while. It would change everything! I would be free to do exactly as I wanted to do, to follow my heart completely. Then a voice came to me, well that’s what you should be doing anyway.

So now I sit with a different perspective. If there were no financial limitations, what would I be doing? I need some time to think about this. I’ll definitely need my journal, my collage and some quiet time. Then into my inbox tonight came a message with a quote – “The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.” — Bob Proctor


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